Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What American Jews Believe

As do many fringe groups, Jewish Voice for Peace sometimes tries to cast itself as representing the mainstream, while painting the moderate majority on the left-of-center, center, and right-of-center as extremists.

Just to reground ourselves: what do American Jews really think about the Middle East conflict? The results of a recent poll answering that question can be found here.


  1. The reason organizations like "Jewish Voice for peace" exist , filled with non-Jews, genetic Jews and completely pretend Jews is articulated by Hany Khalil, organizing coordinator for United for Peace and Justice, a national antiwar organization that opposes the Israels right to exist ."For Americans to be persuaded [to support the Palestinian cause]," he says "we have to build support across all sectors of the United States, and that will never happen without a significant and visible split within the Jewish community."

    Clearly from this survey, that split does not exist. But you'd never know that if you just sat though Deborah Kaufmans film "between two worlds" at the SFJFF

  2. http://engagingzion.wordpress.com/2012/04/26/muzzle-puzzle/

    Nice article exposing Muzzlewatch and their JVP overlords

  3. The Wikipedia article on JVP claims 100,000 "online activists." Assuming that this number is correct ( and one must always be suspicious of numbers which can easily be divided by ten ) one must wonder who these people are. How many are actually Jewish? How many are not supporters but simply following the group? No organization can, with credibility, gage support I'm such a manner. For instance, I follow Romney tweets, but I am a democrat.


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