Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jung, Yewish and Plod...

Our good friends at Jewish Voice for Peace have unleashed their most fearsome campaign yet: Young Jewish and Proud, the declaration of young Jews that they are mad dag-nabbit, and they don’t plan to take it anymore.

Fortunately, an intrepid dumpster diver who is also a Divest This fan stumbled across an earlier version of their manifesto which I thought I’d post for those who can’t get enough of those intrepid schmendricks of JVP. And so, we bring you:

The Young Jewish Declaration (original draft)...


  1. http://proisraelbaybloggers.blogspot.com/2010/11/if-you-plant-ice-youre-gonna-harvest.html

    Heckling the Hecklers at JVP: Berkeley fights back

    The best part of the evening: Rae Abileah of Code Pink gazing from the stage at the chaos
    beyond and trying desperately to rationalize what she saw.

    "But but but we interupted a head of state. We are just.... uh...young people. We are small and we took some pictures with doves".

    I'm paraphrasing a bit...

  2. Oh, gee whiz: The folks at JVP are proudly using their disruption of Netanyahu for a fundraising appeal.

    "The last few weeks - months, really - have been incredible, challenging, exciting and daunting for Jewish Voice for Peace....

    The biggest news continues to be what happened in New Orleans last week and since. As you may already know, our Young, Jewish, and Proud leaders made headlines around the world when they disrupted Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech at the country's largest gathering of Jewish leaders ...

    We knew that this action would be big, but the attention our young leaders and Jewish Voice for Peace have garnered has been overwhelming. We have struck a nerve among Jews everywhere and among people who care about human rights. Many who tried their best to ignore JVP before are paying attention now - and that attention brings unique challenges to our lean organization. You can help (and I hope you will) by signing our letter of support for our young leaders and/or by making a donation to support our work. Both actions matter. "

  3. One of the Young Silly and Proud leaders Antonia House just sent out this plea for money on behalf of JVP:
    "Last month, when I was in New Orleans with the other Young, Jewish and Proud leaders who bravely disrupted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech at the United States' largest gathering of Jewish leaders, I struggled to hold on to the courage I needed in that room where so many people wanted to silence us. It was an incredible, and terrifying experience—but I got through it by holding onto the values my parents raised me with."

    Antonia, you silly silly person. People wanted to "silence" you because you were shrieking like a banshee. People wanted to "silence " you because you were interupting a talk they traveled far to see. People wanted to "silence" you because you were rude and behaving inappropriately. People wanted to "silence" you, the same way they want to "silence" people talking in a movie theater.
    Get over it, sweetheart. I'm likely of the same generation your parents are, and if you were my daughter, I'd get an unlisted phone number and I'd forget to tell you.

  4. I saw the Young, Stupid and Loud (paraphrasing) declaration and my first thought was "This is the funniest parody I've seen in quite a while." Finding out they were serious makes the writing both more depressing and more uproarious.


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